Aura Repair and Protect Spray

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A combination of dried flowers, herbs and essential oils energized using crystals, the elements and shamanic rituals.

Helps cleanses, purifies, repairs and protect the Auric bodies. Grounds and protects one from negative energetic disturbances/intrusions in Body/Home.

Ingredients: Lotus, Lavender, Mallows, Palo Santo and over twenty other herbs and essential oils.

Keep bottle approximately at arm’s length above head and spray 1-2 times, repeat to front and back of body. If using as room spray, stretch arm above head and spray 4-5 times.

Store in cool dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. Use within two months of opening. Store in refrigerator to prolong life.
Weight: 30 ml

1 review for Aura Repair and Protect Spray

  1. Alankrita Narula

    I use this spray quite regularly & it gives me a great sense of protection & aura control mentally.

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