Energy Spray

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A combination of dried flowers, herbs and essential oils energized using crystals, the elements and shamanic rituals.

Helps improve energy levels, increases focus, and reduces fatigue.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Jasmine, Lotus, Melissa, Black pepper and over fifteen other herbs and essential oils.

Keep bottle approximately 30 cm away from face and spray 3-4 times, close your eyes for 30 seconds and take deep breaths. For stronger effect, repeat above process after 5 minutes.

Store in cool dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. Use within two months of opening.Store in refrigerator to prolong life.
Weight: 30 ml

1 review for Energy Spray

  1. Sanjay Chawla

    Great product, and a big help for me. This spray does help me maintain high energy and stay focused, and helps me be more productive at work.
    If you want to get through all the Office meetings …..go for the spray.

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