My spiritual journey started at a very young age, however I assumed then, that many of my gifts were commonplace and ordinary.

When I was a child, I would often sit with my brothers and tell them what my parents would say next, and the next thing my mother or my father would utter the same words. It was amusing and we used to play this game often. Now I know I was connecting to my parents energetically, so it was easy for me to read their thoughts and emotions. I energetically connect to this day, much to the annoyance of my husband. I trained in The Silva Method and Reiki in my early twenties and subsequently conducted many spontaneous healings, many of which my family reminds me of to this day while I have forgotten. After a family tragedy in 2016, I got attracted to the Shamanic world and knew that moment that I had finally found my community.

I attended several advanced shamanic trainings. When I attended the first training, it was like I woke up. I realized that I already knew what was being taught. There were tears of remembrance, validation, and joy. I had finally found people who spoke the same language and understood when I told them that I spoke with spirits more than humans. Subsequent trainings reinforced my trust in my abilities, and I consciously opened to the Universal life force. It was like the floodgates opened and Divine guidance started flooding in.

Since then, I have helped multiple clients to help shift and heal significant life/health issues. To learn about my work and how I can help you please click here.

One of my first discoveries was my knowledge of crystals. I started purchasing crystals, many of them I had never heard the names before. I intuitively knew their health benefits and knew which crystals to use in my healing sessions with my clients. This interest went outside of my healing sessions too – a friend/family would be talking about an issue they were struggling with, and the name of a crystal would pop up in my head.

Over time, my friends/family started asking me to recommend crystals to them. Initially I would ask my clients to purchase stones directly but soon realized I was using a combination of crystals to achieve the desired outcomes. This led me to start creating customized bracelets to support my healing work with my clients. I believe my energized bracelets can support you, wherever you maybe in your healing journey.

To learn more and purchase my energized bracelets please click here.

The second discovery was my intuitive knowledge of using music to support healing for my clients. I regularly use crystals and healing music to complement my healing sessions.

One of my most recent discoveries has been my love for creating energetically charged formulations. I prepare sprays/oils/creams to help alleviate common issues that we all struggle with – stress, allergies, aches/pains, lack of energy/focus, IBS, gastric issues, hair loss, infections etc. Each of these formulations are a mix of herbs (common kitchen ingredients, ayurvedic and/or western herbs, flowers) and essential oils; and are personally energized by me using crystals, elements, and energetic rituals.

These formulations come to me during sleep. I still recall the first time I received this intuitive guidance – names of herbs and crystals started popping in my head. I have no formal qualification in crystals, Ayurveda or Naturopathy so many of these names were alien, some names I knew but had no idea of their healing properties. I realized this was spiritual guidance from the beyond so stopped judging and started writing down the names. I ordered these items not knowing how I would create it and at some level wondering if it would help. When the ingredients arrived and I touched them for the first time, I knew what I had to do.

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