I had always been a cheerful and happy go lucky person…! Things rarely bothered me deeply and it was easier for me to move on from life’s surprises. But from 2021 life took a drastic turn, and I started suffering from major panic and anxiety attack. What was surprising was that I could not zero down to a specific reason to feel the gut wrenching sinking feeling, palpitations and feeling of doom in me. I was just alive but not really living. Total hopelessness had covered me and I didn’t know who to turn to for help. It was at this point as if almost magically, I discovered Shivali’s Acala healing. And I grabbed on try it. Having never tried healing therapy before, it isn’t that I was a non believer but was very curious to know, how could this heal me. I had no idea about Shamanism or kinseology and Shivali very patiently took me through each and every step of both and then decided the right process of healing for me. What she told me during the sessions and how she fixed those issues, totally zapped my mind. And trust me…hand on heart…I felt a huge difference right after my first shamanic (also called white magic) session…! It was as if a weight was being lifted off me and I could finally see light..!! Finally after years the random panic attacks are gone and I have more power to handle the situations that would give me major palpitations before. I cannot thank Shivali enough..!
Besides my mental healing Shivali’s sessions and recommended bracelets have also helped me control my major stomach issue too. It’s as if everything was tied up in one huge knot and Shivali is slowly helping me unravel the life string and make sense of it.

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