My healing sessions with Shivali at Acala Healing have been profound and transformative. I feel deeply healed, nourished and more complete and content as a person for doing so.
Shivali is a gifted healer, who is highly intuitive, as well as being a lovely person. I felt safe, held, and supported throughout my healing sessions with her.
I had never experienced power soul retrieval before, and she explained the process to me thoroughly, so I knew exactly what to expect beforehand. This allowed me to deeply relax and let go.
The return of my pure essence, and the gifts and knowledge that I was given from my power soul retrievals with her, were more than I could have ever imagined.
After my first session, I was deeply moved, and experienced a calm and sense of joy that I had never felt before. Shivali returned parts of my soul essence that I had lost or had taken from me throughout my life. What Shivali told me she had seen and returned to me were mind blowing, and she was able to provide me with deep insights into my life that I could never have imagined anyone being able to see or do.
My second session went even deeper, and the insights and gifts that Shivali shared and returned to me have been transformational.
I feel wiser, more aware, more complete, and more in touch with my true self, with a deep sense of peace for these incredible healing sessions.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shivali 🙂

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