Spirit Release Healing

Just as we are surrounded by life, we are also surrounded by death. We know that it exists in all our futures, as it is also in the lives of those we know and love. For many, the only time that we consider death is at the funeral of a loved one, or as we sit with the unexpected news that our health, or the health of a loved one, is not what we would wish, that death could be outside our door.

I remember working with my mother in the last two months of her life. I did not know then that those would be her last. I remember the earlier months as she struggled through her illness, the fear and dread that completely overtook her as she may have realized her time was near. She refused any help from me, and I stood by watching her energetic and physical body become weaker and darker over time, knowing that we would be saying goodbye soon.

And then one day I woke up knowing that she was calling for help. I worked on her day and night, clearing old, dense ancestral energies from previous lifetimes, clearing patterns which were continuing to keep her locked in the same cycle over fifteen lifetimes. As the energies cleared, although her physical body continued to deteriorate, a sense of calm came over her.

As the end approached and the doctors removed her ventilator, I sat with her through the night reassuring her with a promise that I would walk with her and watch over her while she transitioned. I cleared residual “heavy” energy from her luminous energy field so it was easy for her to leave her body, I held her as her soul exited her body and walked with her to the entrance to the tunnel, watching and reassuring her as she took her last few steps to be with God. To serve and support at the time of death or afterwards is one of the most sacred roles that I could perform.

If you feel I may be of service in this regard, or would just like to have a chat please contact me here