Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a comprehensive holistic approach for balancing the body’s energy

system. This energy system includes 14 major meridians (which are also used by acupuncturists). Kinesiology helps balance the energy system by touching acupoints and other energy reflexes and using a variety of other energy tools.

Kinesiology is a very effective therapy to help with all sorts of problems/concerns like aches/pains, other common health issues, allergies etc. It can also support detoxification of the body and help relieve electromagnetic distress, among many others.

It uses manual muscle–testing to gather information directly from someone’s body/mind. Using these muscle indications, we ask the body to give us, in as simple a way as possible, the disturbed energy pattern or stress. Then by holding the correct acupuncture flows (points) we are able to retune the energy in the presence of the stressor. This allows the stress to be released and the energy system to come into balance, which will allow the body to heal itself.