Have you felt a sense of peace or dread when you walked into a place? Why is it that certain homes/places make us feel relaxed and happy while others seem to disturb or agitate us for no apparent reason?

Houses, land, homes, places and spaces hold energy. Land and buildings absorb the energy of the people that have lived there, and of the events that have taken place there. You only have to visit an ancient ‘battlefield’ or the scene of an event where many lives were lost to feel this.

Stuck or dense energy in a land/building impacts us in many ways – it can affect the health or life of people staying there, it can affect equipment, electricity, plumbing etc. of the house.

How do you know if your house/building/land needs a clearing?

Your house needs constant repair – something or the other is always breaking down or going wrong even when you are doing all the right things You avoid going into certain parts of your house as they feel cold, unsafe or you feel that there is a presence You continue to feel the presence of a loved one who has recently passed on and the loved one is asking for help.

Events happening on the property that you cannot explain logically.

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