Ancestral Karma Healing

In this session, we dig deeper into the Ancestral Karma and how this is impacting you. This session will normally follow through from the “Heal your Life and Body” sessions, where we do start working on clearing ancestral lines. Sometimes clients may go ahead with these sessions directly if they have worked with other healers. We look at previous lifetimes and events that have taken place in your/your ancestors’ lives that may have created a dense energetic pattern which continues to affect your lineage over lifetimes.

Examples could be members of your family or ancestors who have suffered a trauma or died under unusual circumstances such as suicide, war or accidents, history of abuse in the family etc. These shocks or unexpected losses can create dense negative energetic patterns which can continue to impact the life and health of future generations until the pattern is cleared and the trauma healed.

Sometimes there can be curses/hexes that may have been placed on one of your ancestors, the effect of which can be felt in your life or in the lives of your loved ones. Sometimes these dense energetic patterns emerge as the Ancestors are crying for help and need healing. I carefully unravel these patterns and clear them from your energetic field, while honouring your ancestors and offering any healing that may be required to free you from the cycle.

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