The intention of our work together is to help you let go of old patterns, thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs that no longer serve you and to help you create harmony and balance within yourselves and with the world around you.

An energy session with me would last about an hour, the first session can often take longer. We will begin with a short introductory history. What brings you here today? When did things start to change so that you decided to come for this kind of help? We look for the hooks that show up through the telling of your life story, Some clients that approach me have never had any energy work before, while other clients would have tried other alternate healing modalities as well as conventional medicine. It is important the client is able to understand and assimilate the work that is being done for them – I therefore will adjust the intensity of my sessions according to client needs.

My energy healing sessions are based on my remembrance of how I healed people in previous lifetimes and use a combination of healing methods (Shamanic healing, Reiki, Light codes, energy medicine, crystal and sound healing). Each session is customized to the Client’s needs and the divine guidance I receive.

Healing sessions can take place face to face at my healing center or online through zoom, depending on your preference. As I am working energetically, either option will achieve the desired results – the more important factor is that you are willing to accept healing and are committed to integrate the energetic shifts in your life. You may find it useful to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. If attending the session online, please find a room where you will not be disturbed, settle into a comfortable place and keep a blanket and glass of water nearby.

You can expect to be guided to breathe consciously, to focus on letting whatever needs to come up to rise with your breath so that you can let go as you breathe out. You can expect to feel held and supported through the whole process. Sometimes you will hear me sing or whistle as I work in the different worlds and dimensions that unfold to create the map of the energy body that I work with. You will hear me use a rattle or sometimes a drum to keep the rhythm as I journey. Depending on what your body needs, I may play frequency music/mantras in the background, spray certain energetic formulations, put some crystals/herbs/symbols/others around/on you.

At the end of the session, I will ask you to drink the glass of water we kept by your side. We will discuss after session care and the resources you have available between sessions. The biggest energetic shifts happen when the body is able to integrate the healing received – this can vary from person to person and can range from instant to a few hours/days after the session.

Curing is the eliminating of symptoms. Healing is a journey where you discover the cause of your ailment and make fundamental life changes, from diet to belief systems, that will create health.

Curing is the eliminating of symptoms.

Healing is a journey where you discover the cause of your ailment and make fundamental life changes

Are you open to Healing and Transformation?

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